School History Highlights

·         In April 1971, Pastor Jerry Creel started Brush Arbor Baptist Church.

·         In 1972, the church purchased the current property at 2304 North Goldenrod Road.

·         In 1973, the original church building was built. It is currently used as our cafeteria building.

·         In 1975, an auditorium was completed. It has been converted to our library building and elementary classrooms.

·         In 1976, the church voted to become an independent church apart from First Baptist of Ocoee and became incorporated.

·         In April of 1978, on the church's seventh anniversary, the church voted and passed the plan to start a preschool/kindergarten, and under the leadership of Pastor Creel and Mr. Jim Bell, Brush Arbor Christian School began.

·         Mr. Bell helped the school to become a participating member of FACCS in those early years. The school continued as a nursery/preschool for many years into the 1980’s.

·         The current office/classroom building was built in 1983-1984. Under the direction of Mr. Michael Fitzwater and Mrs. Janice Wolford (one of the church’s founding members) the school began to grow. Mainly using the ACE curriculum, the school was able to eventually offer all grades to the local community.

·         In the 90’s, the school slowly started to shift to more traditional classrooms with the Abeka curriculum.

·         In 1995, the school discontinued using ACE and built a K-6 school continuing under the direction of Pastor Creel and Mrs. Wolford. Using mainly the Abeka Curriculum, the school continued to thrive.

·         In 1998, Mr. Gary Carroll joined the staff and became principal the following year in 1999. He would continue to serve the school faithfully for 20 years.

·         In 2005, The church was able to complete the building of the current main auditorium with the inclusion of two more classrooms to be used by the school and church.

·         In 2005, seventh grade was added with the hopes of building a middle school. In 2006, eighth grade was also added.

·         For many years, the school continued as a K3-8th grade school until in 2013, ninth grade was added with the help of then Associate Pastor Braddock.

·         Tenth grade was successfully added as a traditional class in the fall of 2016.

·         In 2016, the covered play area was completed with walls and converted into an official gymnasium. Home games for volleyball and basketball teams could now be played on campus at “home.”

·         In 2018, Mrs. Pierce became the new principal of the school. She had served several years as the secondary principal being trained by Mr. Carroll in order to enable a smooth transition.

 -      In October 2020, full accreditation was achieved from Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS)

 -       The eleventh grade was added during the 2020-2021 school year and twelfth grade in 2021-2022 school year.