"The FACCS Creative Writing Regional Festivals and State Competition are writing events for 1st through 8th grade students. Entries are written at the school-level then submitted by mail to the Regional Event Coordinator for judging. Top entries from each region are then sent to the State Event Coordinator for judging."

Brush Arbor Creative Writing Participants

  •  Brush Arbor students will write for different categories under their teacher's direction at school.
  • Teachers will choose the top pieces for each category to be judged by other teachers.
  • Up to two pieces per category per grade can be chosen to be sent to the FACCS Creative Writing Regional Festival in February.
  • The Cost to send a student's chosen piece is $15 for the Regional Competition.
  • Pieces may be chosen by the Regional Coordinator to be sent to the State competition.
  • Ribbons and recognition will be given to participating students in chapel.