Pastor Jerry Creel

Founder of Brush Arbor Christian School in 1978


Mrs. Kimberly Pierce

B.S. Elementary Education - Trinity Baptist College

M.Ed. - Teaching & Learning - Liberty University

Certification in Administration

General Mathematics Certification

13 years experience

School Counselor/Associate Pastor

Pastor Joshua Haney

Bachelors  in Youth Ministry -  Crown College

Masters  of  Ministry - Crown Seminary

Masters of Counseling - Baptist College of America

16 years of experience


K3 - Miss Elizabeth Peterson

Certification in Early Childhood Development

K4 - Mr. Stewart Coon

Early Childhood Directors License/Certification in Early Childhood Development

3 years experience

Kindergarten  - Ms. Theresa Hendrix

B.S. Elementary Education - Trinity Baptist College

Certification in Elementary Education

24 years experience


1st - Mrs. Kathy Coon

B.S. - Elementary Education - Clearwater Christian College

Certification in Elementary Education

25 years experience

2nd - Mrs. Carol Maddox

B.S. - Elementary Education - Tennessee Temple University

Certification in Elementary Education

43 years experience

3rd - Mrs. Karen Gaudette

 A.A.  Missions & Christian Education - Baptist Bible College

B.A.  Theology -  Anchor Theological Seminary

Evangelical Teacher Training - Certification

ESL- Certification

30 years of experience

4th - TBA

B.S. - in Elementary Education -

Certification in Elementary Education

 years experience

5th - Mrs. Ruthel Raynor

B.S. Elementary Education (Minor - Special Education) - Trinity Baptist College

Certification in Elementary Education

13 years experience

Miss Amaryllis Vasquez  - Music/Computer

B.S. - Music Production - Full Sail University

Certification in Music


Mrs. Beverly Brown - Math

B.S. - Elementary Education

Certification in Education

Temporary Certification in Mathematics

9 years experience

Miss Christy Maddox - English

B.A. - Elementary Education - Crown College

M. Ed. - Religious Education, Christian Education - West Coast Baptist College

Certification in Secondary Education ~ Endorsement in English

18 years experience

Mr. Robert Raynor - History

B.S. - Secondary Education - Virginia Baptist College

Certification in Secondary Education ~ Endorsement in History

4 years experience

Mr. Tony Brown - Bible/Computer

B.S. - Information Technologies

Temporary Certification in Education ~ Endorsement Technology

Mrs. Dawn Michel

B.S - Finance Florida State University

*All teachers are certified through FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools)


Ms. Melanni Lindvig - Office Manager

Mr. Brian Nyberg - Athletic Director

Mr. Ryan Carroll - Cook & Security

A.A. from Keiser University - Chef

Mrs. Barbara Valentino - Teacher Assistant

 10 years experience

Miss Lizzy Peterson - Extended Care

Mrs. Melissa Wicks - Extended Care